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Special counsel Jack Smith opposes cameras in Trump trial

Special counsel Jack Smith is fighting to keep cameras away from the courtroom in his prosecution of former President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Examiner.

Smith has brought two criminal indictments against Trump, one in Florida alleging mishandling of classified documents and one in Washington, D.C., alleging illegal conduct following the 2020 presidential election.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure prohibit cameras in federal criminal trials, but some have argued that an exception should be made in Trump’s case. House Democrats, the American people, and Trump himself have all expressed support for televising the trial.

Smith, however, has urged the judge to keep cameras out of the courtroom. Trump’s legal team is prepared to argue for cameras, with attorney John Lauro saying he would “personally, love to see that.”

Some have speculated that Smith does not want cameras in the courtroom because it would allow Americans to see that the charges against Trump are politically motivated. Smith has brought the case in Washington, D.C., an anti-Trump, Democratic stronghold. Both Smith and Judge Chutkan have been exposed for having deep Democratic ties.

If the trial is televised, Americans will be able to see things for themselves and the Democrat-friendly mainstream media will lose the ability to control the narrative. This is likely why Smith is so vigorously trying to keep cameras out of the courtroom and why Judge Chutkan is almost certain to grant his request.


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