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Unveiling the Reality Behind Biden’s South Carolina Primary Win

Amidst the Democratic Party’s jubilation over President Joe Biden’s decisive victory in the South Carolina primary, a deeper examination of the turnout paints a less triumphant picture, as revealed by a recent report.

While Biden did secure victory with approximately 96 percent of the vote, the turnout across the state was alarmingly low, standing at less than 5 percent, according to WMBF. Out of over 3.2 million registered voters, only 131,870 ballots were cast, translating to a mere 4.09 percent turnout. Notably, only three counties saw turnout rates exceeding 10%.

These numbers hardly reflect a resounding show of support.

The decline in voter participation comes at a time when South Carolina’s significance as the nation’s first primary state was under scrutiny. Despite being slated as the first primary after New Hampshire, it was the first time Biden appeared as a candidate on the ballot, having won as a write-in candidate in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, concerns regarding Biden’s mental acuity persist, with his decision to skip the pre-game Super Bowl interview for the second consecutive year amplifying these worries, especially in an election year.

Traditionally, presidents have utilized the Super Bowl’s massive viewership to their advantage, making Biden’s decision particularly notable. This marks the second year in a row he has abstained from participating in such an interview, despite CBS airing the game, as reported by Politico and confirmed by the White House.

The tradition of Super Bowl pre-game interviews commenced with former President Barack Obama. Former President Donald Trump also broke tradition by declining an interview during his presidency in 2018.

Biden’s absence from two consecutive Super Bowl interviews is likely to intensify speculations about the White House’s confidence in his cognitive abilities.

Expressing concerns over Biden’s cognitive decline is Dr. Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor who served during Biden’s vice presidency and is now a GOP congressman from Texas. He has consistently raised alarms about Biden’s mental capacity, emphasizing the rapidity of his decline.

Jackson, who has tended to three presidents, highlighted the demanding nature of the presidential role and underscored Biden’s apparent inability to fulfill it. He stressed the urgency of addressing this issue, asserting that Biden’s continued tenure poses significant risks to the nation.

As scrutiny over Biden’s cognitive state heightens, the discussion surrounding his fitness for office becomes increasingly pertinent, especially in light of his deteriorating performance and the demands of the presidency.


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