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Rising Threat: High-Profile Figures, Including Nikki Haley and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Targeted in Disturbing ‘Swatting’ Incidents

In December, Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential contender, fell victim to a dangerous prank known as “swatting” at her home, according to town records obtained by Reuters. During the incident, police responded to a call from a man claiming to have shot a woman and made threats to harm himself at Haley’s residence.

This previously unreported incident is part of a concerning trend of violent threats and acts of intimidation against government officials, judiciary members, and election administrators since the 2020 election, raising alarms in law enforcement ahead of the upcoming U.S. presidential contest, as reported by Fox News.

Another prominent figure, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), expressed frustration on Christmas Day after being “swatted” for what she believes was the eighth time. Rome, Ga., police were called to Taylor’s home in response to an alleged emergency, with a caller claiming to have shot his girlfriend and threatening suicide.

Fortunately, it was determined that there was no actual emergency, and Taylor was safe. “Swatting” is a harassment tactic where false emergencies are reported to law enforcement to dispatch officers to a victim’s address, and many conservatives, including activist Jack Posobiec, have fallen victim to such incidents.

Greene shared her experience on social media, emphasizing the strain on local police and expressing gratitude for their efforts. The incidents against Greene began in August and were motivated by the suspect’s disagreement with her stance on transgender youth rights, according to a police report.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, presiding over the case of former President Donald Trump’s alleged election interference in Washington, D.C., was also targeted in a recent swatting incident. A reported shooting at Chutkan’s residence prompted police and fire department responses, but no evidence of an actual emergency was found. The audio from the police response indicated that a residence in Northwest Washington was mentioned, and property records confirmed that the home referred to was owned by Judge Chutkan.

These incidents underscore the growing concern about swatting as a means of harassment against public figures, leading to unnecessary strain on law enforcement and potential risks to the safety of those targeted.


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